A fast-paced, first-person-shooter game for Windows devices where you can play and compete online

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    7.8 (749)

Blackshot is a fast paced, three dimensional tactical game. The game is set sometime in the mid-21st century, following a devastating nuclear war that decimated the world as once existed.


  • One of the positive elements of Blackshot is its well crafted visuals. The graphic elements are cutting edge and vibrant. They also function smoothly as the game progresses, with very rare instances of sluggishness of glitching.
  • Another of the pros of Blackshot is found in the pace of action. The game is appropriately fast paced, leaving a player generally exhilarated and excited throughout a round of play. The pace of the game adds to not only the level of intensity but also the challenging nature of it.
  • The game presents appropriate levels of challenge for gamers with moderate and even extensive experience. Simply, the game is not one that will bore even a more experienced tactical game fan very easily. In addition, there exist enough alterations in scenarios to ensure a level engagement after multiples times playing Blackshot.
  • Blackshot offers four uniquely different game modes, which also contributes to its ability to hold a gamer's interested more indefinitely than is the case with some other similar games.


  • Perhaps the most fundamental complaint lodged against Blackshot is that it is very much like many other games in the tactical genre. The game story line is familiar, the setting is familiar and there is nothing particularly new about the goals and objectives of the game itself. Nonetheless, even with these common elements, Blackshot is found entertaining and challenging.
  • Another of the downsides associated with Blackshot is found in regard to character customization -- of the lack thereof. Unlike nearly all other similar games on the market in this day and age, Blackshot does not permit a gamer the ability to customize his or her character.
  • Most gamers appreciate the ability to access and utilize a wide range of different weapons when playing tactical games like Blackshot. This is one area in which Blackshot is weaker than some other similar gamers. Blackshot offers only a more limited number of weapons to a gamer.

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